Wreck It Abi Wrecks This Journal #1

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Wreck This Journal is an amazingly creative book created by Keri Smith. It gives you a series of tasks to complete that involve destroying your journal (and also possibly all you believe in, book-wise). As soon as it arrived I had to film myself wrecking it because it really worked as a great stress reliever and for some reason made me happier. I hope you all enjoy it as much I am!

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Author: Smiling Seoul

A British YouTuber who loves & lived in Korea then moved to Canada yet still craves the rush of travelling the world.

One Response to "Wreck It Abi Wrecks This Journal #1"

  1. sandra Posted on December 12, 2013 at 7:53 AM

    i want to buy it and try… but i don’t think i can wreck it, i loves books and i can never do it |(especially cracking the spine)

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