Some things you may not know or have even thought about travelling…

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Author: Smiling Seoul

A British YouTuber who loves & lived in Korea then moved to Canada yet still craves the rush of travelling the world.

One Response to "What They Don’t Tell You About Travelling"

  1. Dajah Solomon Posted on August 20, 2015 at 5:55 PM

    My name is Dajah, i’m a college senior this year and have come across a few people who have taught abroad and I’ve been looking into it the past few weeks and wish to do it in Korea, preferably in a private hagwan. I’m an African american from new jersey and I love traveling and feel like this could work for me. I would love it if you would respond i’ve been watching your videos all this week and your so entertaining. My biggest concern is about finding and contacting a school to work for, i simply have no clue where to start with any of this. Have a wonderful day.
    Dajah Solomon

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