The Lack Of Black At VidCon

The lack of black people at VidCon was something I noticed wanted to chat about. Leave your recommendations down below. (I watch a few black beauty/lifestyle ppl and some vloggers.)

My Clear Skin Routine

Highly requested clear skin routine. Enjoy! Use seoulspin @ checkout to receive over $80 off Ultimate Skin Spa System:

VIDCON 2015!

VidCon 2015 was so fun & I got to meet some awesome YouTubers at the Anaheim convention.

Asian Night Market

My 1st time at the night market in Richmond. Had so much fun trying new things & eating awesome asian foods (you guys know I need my fix!) ^_^

Things To Do Alone in Korea

Here are a list of things that you can do alone in Korea/Seoul. This video was requested. Leave your requests below and do thumbs up/share if you found this helpful. Abi x


We tandem biked around the seawall & had great hotdogs. It was a super fun day even if we were a little antsy at first!