Merry Christmas! This month I spent a week in China enjoying winter activities, natural hot springs and many more of the natural wonders of the Jilin province in Northern China (right above North Korea!) Wish I didn’t have to leave; it was epic and stunning!

How To Meet Your Fave Korean Celebrities

Thought it’d be fun to make a video on how to meet your favourite Korean celebrities while in Korea and talk a bit about how I met them. I actually get asked this a lot lol One I completely missed out is film premieres. They don’t do them as often as when I was living…

Q&A #6+7

Answering some questions I got about Khiphop,work, TEFL, Korea, my bf and more!

KCON LA 2016

Had an awesome time at KCON this year and it was my first time too!

8 Days in Qinghai China: The Tibetan Plateau

I ventured on this amazing trip around Qinghai! It was definitely one of the most enlightening journeys I’ve ever taken. I was blown away by everything I saw, everyone I met and even the people who’d quietly touched my hair or stared as I walked by. I learned so much in such a short space…