I was sitting at work this Friday afternoon, enjoying a brownie from our company’s charity bake sale. I casually clicked on my Google Docs shortcut at the top of my screen hoping to access all the wonderful things I had stored that were necessary for work; that’s when it happened… GOOGLE DOCS WAS DOWN! And not just the documents section of Google, the sheets and slides too! “It’s a travesty!” I truly wanted to roar. “How could you do this to me?!” I wanted to yell. Google, my sweet Google, I am disappointed in you.

So now I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog post hoping and wishing Goggle will come back to me, because dude I’ve gotta work yo! Here’s to hoping they fix this soon. I never thought I’d see the day Google crashed! Google drive has officially left the building and therefore, so am I!


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Author: Smiling Seoul

A British YouTuber who loves & lived in Korea then moved to Canada yet still craves the rush of travelling the world.

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