Dumbfoundead Live at Cakeshop Itaewon

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This month Dumbfounded came to Korea and has been performing quite a bit here since. He appeared at the R16 After Party where he performed some of his songs for a crowd of fans, b-boys and musicians. It was the first time I’d ever heard him and because I was occupied with other things at the After party I didn’t really get the feel of his music.

I found out he was performing in Itaewon the next week and decided to head down to record the event. I was actually super shocked at how much I found I liked his music. He put on such a show and was pretty damn hilarious too. I loved hearing his stories before he performed. Thinking back on it now he reminded me a lot Adele’s Royal Albert Hall performance: the smooth blend of comedic story-telling and badass music. DFD really connected with his fans in the same way.

I’m so happy I got to experience DFD Live and to discover some really cool new music. Hope he comes back again soon, I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out!







I ran into one of my viewers, Wendy ^^





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