Drinking Out Of A Glacier – THE ROCKIES TOUR

Me & my boyfriend’s trip to the Rocky Mountains. We drank water out of a glacier, visited Jasper, Banff and lots of Canadian lakes, ate some delicious bbq as well as met some cool people! Related Posts How I’ve Changed SAVING UP MONEY FOR TRAVEL Solo Travel Loneliness & Making Friends in Vancouver Travelling With…

Tubing in Whistler | Coca-Cola Tube Park

Had a ridiculous amount of fun tubing last month, hanging out in Whistler and Pemberton 😀 Related Posts Change Is Here | Living Abroad, YouTube, Happiness Life After Korea | Missing Albums + BTS Wings How To Meet Your Fave Korean Celebrities Q&A #6+7 8 Days in Qinghai China: The Tibetan Plateau

I Got Lost in France & Ended Up in Monaco!!!

We went to Nice, France in January for some winter sun and ended up in some unexpected places. Related Posts I’m Moving Back To Korea A Day Out – Hiking Lynn Headwaters Park | Vlog #32 Trying Korean Snacks – SnackFever Get Up And Go! He Had A Fiancee! | STORYTIME


Merry Christmas! This month I spent a week in China enjoying winter activities, natural hot springs and many more of the natural wonders of the Jilin province in Northern China (right above North Korea!) Wish I didn’t have to leave; it was epic and stunning! Related Posts 한국어 | How I’m Learning Korean Why I…

KCON LA 2016

Had an awesome time at KCON this year and it was my first time too! Related Posts Acting Cray – Capilano Suspension Bridge Asian Night Market What They Don’t Tell You About Travelling Things To Do Alone in Korea BICKERING COUPLE! | Vlog #31