Solo Travel Loneliness & Making Friends in Vancouver

Is solo travel lonely? How can you make the most of your travels as a solo traveller and what have my experiences been of travelling alone and making friends? This is my first #travelconfessions video. Related Posts How To Stay Motivated in Life How I’ve Changed Drinking Out Of A Glacier – THE ROCKIES TOUR…

Change Is Here | Living Abroad, YouTube, Happiness

A few home truths about living abroad that I’ve finally figured out. Related Posts Travelling With Natural Hair | The Good, The Bad, The Ugly MY BOYFRIEND DOESN’T WANT TO TRAVEL! I Got Lost in France & Ended Up in Monaco!!! JILIN CHINA TRAVEL GUIDE Life After Korea | Missing Albums + BTS Wings

Q&A #6+7

Answering some questions I got about Khiphop,work, TEFL, Korea, my bf and more! Related Posts How To Meet Your Fave Korean Celebrities KCON LA 2016 8 Days in Qinghai China: The Tibetan Plateau Trying Korean Snacks – SnackFever Get Up And Go!

I’m Moving Back To Korea

Some bittersweet news (more sweet than bitter ^^) Yes, I’m moving back to Korea. Related Posts He Had A Fiancee! | STORYTIME 한국어 | How I’m Learning Korean Why I Don’t Speak Korean | 왜 한국말을 안할까요 The Lack Of Black At VidCon My Clear Skin Routine

A Day Out – Hiking Lynn Headwaters Park | Vlog #32

Hello beautiful ppl! I heard all your recommendations and I’m gonna start vlogging more because I’ve definitely missed it! ^_^ My friend Colin & I decided to get out of the city and head up North Van to do some hiking. It was bloody tough, especially for me who hadn’t worked out in… let’s just…