British Girls MV Reaction: “Badman” by B.A.P

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A viewer asked me to do do a reaction video to B.A.P’s Badman and thought I’d take on the challenge with the help of my friends from home seeing as I’m in London. My friends agreed and we all watched the music video together for the first time.

It was interesting to see their reactions seeing as it was their first time seeing this type of music (that Korean pop/hip-hop fusion we associate with B.A.P). They liked it more than I thought they would. Sheena being into dance was impressed with the dance/freestyle parts and Suliet being a bit of a rebel (I joke) was into the rebellious context of the video.

I personally find it hard watching videos for the first time (I’ve stated this multiple times). There’s always so much happening in Korean music videos and I try and grasp it all at once, the language, the singing the storyline, dancing etc. My brain is usually in overdrive by the time the video is over. So it was nice to watch it with other people who could pick out individual aspects to focus on. That helped me focus too.

I loved the dancing. These boys always bring it with the dancing, especially seeing as they have Zelo and Jong Up so there’s always some breaking or dougie-ing going down at some point in their videos. As always we also have the Daehyun note-smashing. His incredible talent for hitting high notes in any given situation, be it during a gang war, authority rebellion, shoot-out, through fireworks and paint-bombs, it always makes me stare on in awe, simply amazing.

Then there are the badass rappers that we’ve all come to love, both at the extreme ends of the group’s age range. Even if you can’t understand what they’re saying they still look cool when rapping.

The song has began to grow on me and I find myself humming it while washing the dishes which is definitely a good sign. But I doubt that I’ll be singing it in noraebang any day soon. Still I always love the creativity of B.A.P videos!

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