B1A4 – What’s Happening

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B1A4 – What’s Happening

B1A4 released their 4th mini album What’s Happening this month. Their feature single for their comeback which is also the title of the album is the song What’s Happening.

If you watched the music video it probably looked crazy as hell. But it’s actually pretty straight forward. Anyway here’s my take on it.

The MV is set in a doll house. It might as well be a Barbie doll house because of the amount pink used throughout the video. There’s a girl that’s been suspected of cheating. Let’s call her Barbie. The guys call her and ask her where she is, saying she’s acting very strange. But somewhere close by they are all spying on her (which is pretty shady too, if you ask me).

They call Barbie a liar and go to catch her in the act. Baro meets the “other man” in the elevator, let’s call him Ken. He fights Ken, they then break into the house, Baro beats Ken up with a … pillow, his head falls off and they get the girl. The MV ends with Jinyoung in a split screen with Ken saying “Hey, you better be good to me, ok?” (Huh, shouldn’t it be Barbie he’s talking to..?)

This MV is visually really cute. They use a ton of block pastel colours. It has a very sweet feel to it. There are lots of pinks (Barbie much?), oranges and blues in the doll house rooms. Baro is dressed like a thug through a lot of it, which is kind of funny seeing as he’s usually quite an adorable and cute character. But he plays the role really well. CNU’s in this weird criss-cross colour combo outfit at one point (kind of reminds me of something I’ll late comment on). Gongchan has this handsome bad boy rich guy look that he’s working. I’ve never noticed him much but in this MV I definitely did!


Remember I spoke about CNU’s criss-cross outfit and how it reminded me of something? Well have a look at this:

ziont cnu

The hat, the glasses especially reminded me of Zion.T’s MV for his recent single “Babay” which is also set in a doll house/theatre/enclosed space. It’s also about a girl who lacks commitment and looks like a Barbie doll. But in “Babay” we experience the defacing of art rather than Barbie’s lover Ken. But then again maybe “Art” really is Ken and “Babay” just represents it differently…

I really like this music video and I’m happy to see B1A4 back in action! You can buy it here on iTunes.

So those were my thoughts on the music video. What did you think? Comment below 🙂

Now for the MV:

If you haven’t seen the dance version, you’ve gotta! It’s so good:

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2 Responses to "B1A4 – What’s Happening"

  1. Aaliyah Sanchez Posted on May 22, 2013 at 2:14 AM

    I totally thought of Zion T’s MV when I first watched the What’s Happening MV. Especially the part where CNU’s in the empty room spying on the chick. (also, have you seen the GD’s Michi go MV? His outfit reminds me more of Zion T than CNU’s)

    My favorite part of this video is CNU’s face during the bridge (when Jinyoung’s holding the umbrella). He looks like he’s taking a dump…lol

    The choreography here is SO B1A4: cute, weird, fun!! Although I love Tried To Walk and consider it B1A4’s best song, I missed the funky dance moves and outfits, so it’s nice to see them being B1A4 again <3

    Aren't you absolutely proud of Jinyoung? (honestly I don't like the "everyday yeah yeah part in the beginning but…) He composed this song perfectly! I find that a lot of kpop songs throw raps in just to give the rapper something to do, however in this song I feel like the rap and vocals are well balanced, and each vocalist was given the parts that fit them the best. I think Jinyoung is really good at making songs that surprise you, especially by modulating the vocals.

    OKay I'm done…I really love this song! <3

  2. Miss Nailaholic Posted on May 30, 2013 at 1:56 AM

    I don’t really like this song. Yes the mv is funny but the rhythm of this song is quite terrible to me.. It changes so much that it makes it hard to actually follow something if you know what I mean x)

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