How To Meet Your Fave Korean Celebrities

Thought it’d be fun to make a video on how to meet your favourite Korean celebrities while in Korea and talk a bit about how I met them. I actually get asked this a lot lol One I completely missed out is film premieres. They don’t do them as often as when I was living…


Q&A #6+7

Answering some questions I got about Khiphop,work, TEFL, Korea, my bf and more!


KCON LA 2016

Had an awesome time at KCON this year and it was my first time too!

qinghai mountains

8 Days in Qinghai China: The Tibetan Plateau

I ventured on this amazing trip around Qinghai! It was definitely one of the most enlightening journeys I’ve ever taken. I was blown away by everything I saw, everyone I met and even the people who’d quietly touched my hair or stared as I walked by. I learned so much in such a short space…

Hiking Lynn Loop new copy

A Day Out – Hiking Lynn Headwaters Park | Vlog #32

Hello beautiful ppl! I heard all your recommendations and I’m gonna start vlogging more because I’ve definitely missed it! ^_^ My friend Colin & I decided to get out of the city and head up North Van to do some hiking. It was bloody tough, especially for me who hadn’t worked out in… let’s just…

Get Up And Go

Get Up And Go!

Literally make the decision, get up and go get what you want. Whether that’s Korea, travelling the world, taking that job that pays less but inspires you more or learning a new language; go for it! ^_^